VINK’s Science and Technology Department – consisting of professors, experts, and scientific researchers who are teaching and doing research at Korean institutes, universities or research laboratories – has sufficient capacity, experience and enthusiasm to perform the tasks:

  • Consulting & connecting for technology transfer
  • High-tech training courses
  • Scientific research cooperation
  • Scientific conferences advising
  • Technology consulting for enterprises
  • Scientific events and seminars organizing

The International Conference on High-Quality Agriculture for Vietnam was held on May 2022 as one of the Scientific Conference that VINK cooperates with others member networks of the Vietnam Innovation Network to co-organize.


A training session for Vietnamese start-ups in the Vietnam-Korea Startup Exchange Program (VKSE-2022) took place in Seoul, Korea from December 1 to 15, 2022 by VINK, NIC, KPC, and d•camp co-hosted.

VINK cooperates with Korean start-up support centers such as the Global Start-up Immigration Center of the Korean Ministry of Justice and the Korean Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, d•camp – Korea’s first multi-purpose startup hub operated by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs. And having experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the Startup Support Department, VINK has the ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Vietnam-Korea startups exchange supporting
  • Startup immigration supporting
  • Startup skills training (OASIS program)
  • VCs introducing & connecting
  • Business idea & business model consulting
  • IP & Copyright registration supporting


Having the Business Support Department with experienced members in building, managing and operating businesses, and in cooperation with investment promotion agencies and high-tech zones, VINK is ready to support the following items for Vietnamese enterprises who want to invest and do business in Korea or Korean enterprises who want to invest and do business in Vietnam.

  • Legal procedures to invest and do business in Korea and Vietnam
  • Immigration and housing services in Korea and Vietnam
  • Office and factory services
  • Human resource and accounting services
  • Import-Export services

Photo of VINK’s executive board and leaders of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Zones Authority during the visit and cooperation signing in December 2022.


Vietnam – Korea Startups Exchange (VKSE)

VKSE is a cooperation program between VINK, NIC, KPC, and d•camp that annually brings Vietnamese start-ups to Korea in order to

  • Training startup skills under the OASIS program
  • Connect with Korean investment funds, VCs
  • Connect with Korean businesses in the same fields
  • Participating in seminars and exhibitions in the same fields
  • Exchange and learn with Korean startups

Expert Incubators

This is a cooperation program between research laboratories of VINK members and research laboratories of Vietnamese Universities with the following functions

  • Providing instruction on research methods and topics to Vietnamese students and researchers
  • Support research equipment and tools for research laboratories in Vietnam
  • Bringing Vietnamese students to Korea to study and research at the doctoral level

Semiconductor Design Training Course

This is a training program of the Korean government assigned to Chungnam National University and the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Research (ETRI). The training period is 1 year, divided into 3 phases:

  1. Semiconductor Knowledge: Chungnam National University – 4 months
  2. Semiconductor design practice: ETRI – 2 months
  3. Semiconductor design internship: government projects – 6 months

Vietnam – Korean AI Hub (VKAI Hub)

VINK cooperates with the Korean AI Association to build the Vietnam-Korea AI Hub (VKAI Hub) in Da Nang with the following functions

  • AI R&D center
  • AI training courses and certifications
  • Implement global projects on AI
  • As a hub to connect AI-related companies
  • Organize AI summits