VINK is driven to promote information dissemination and cooperation among Vietnam and Korean technology manufacturers, research facilities, and enterprises. From which businesses are propelled to improve their technological capacities and competitiveness. NIC will provide the following services

  • Technology evaluation, price appraisal, technology appraisal;
  • Technology transfer consulting services;
  • Event organizing to facilitate the technology transfer process and connect technology supply and demand;

With a team of research professors and experienced experts, VINK is the place to organize and consult for scientific events such as scientific conferences, science competitions, and technology startup competitions.

VINK is a scientific hub to provide scientific advice to schools, universities, and educational institutions on research technologies and methods.

With a team of highly experienced experts and partners, VINK ensured to be a destination that supports businesses to formulate decisions and solutions best to solve problems of:

  • Startup incubation and acceleration
  • Enterprise establishment in Korea
  • Business strategy and plan
  • Business operations in Korea
  • Korean business culture